Korean food for Samulnori workshop lunch!


The friend I mentioned before is a professional samulnori player and teacher.

This is Saturday’s lunch; the photos are overlapping.
Far left: zucchini, underneath: eggplant, above: cheochang and garlic.
Top: shiitake, mak kimchi (vegan) and pickled sesame leaves.
Underneath: dakjjim with chicken mu (cut into thin slices instead of cubes) underneath.
Top right (green box) kkakdugi, underneath: grilled mackerel and whiting (민어). I reduced the amount of salt and used sugar with the salt and lemon juice.

On Good Friday we had no meat, but braised pork with gochujang as ssambap on Easter Sunday. Same side dishes. No photos; too greedy. ;-)

And rice, of course!

The recipe for See description. is here!

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    Your guest must have been very impressed by all these authentic Korean dishes! Wonderful!

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