Maekjeok and buchu salad

These skewers are my first maekjeok (I made it a couple of times since then :)
Ssam-style with ssamjang, vegetables and lettuce to wrap it.
The buchu salad is a great side dish with this recipe, it balances the meaty flavor with a green flavor, perfect! (I also added apple vinegar and gochugaru to the chives).

As maekjeok is non spicy, I decided to make mini skewers as appetizer for “a dîner” with friends and all of them loved this delicious tender-grilled-salty-garlicky-sweet recipe.
Maekjeok rocks !

The recipe for maekjeok is here!

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    I haven’t made maekjeok for a long time! Now I want some! : ) It looks so tender, savory, and juicy. Yes, buchu salad is a very good side dish for this.

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