My Green Tteok

I used dry rice flour, I use about 2:1 for dry rice flour and water, then leave it for 5 hours….
and re add about 2 tbsp of water when I want to steam it (like in maangchi’s recipe)
I don’t sure that it’ll succed at the first time,…
(because I have tried many method before and it failed, I even pounded my own rice (T^T) )
but it turned out very great!
soft and fluffy
I am very proud of it even I share it to my neighbour (hooHooHoo)
but then I realized that I forgot the sugar (=_=”), so I ate it after I added some mulyeot, and it taste GREAT! the mulyeot is absorbed to the cake! awesomeee!!!!
thanks Maangchi!!
(I am too happy, my heart cannot stop beating, I hope I won’t get a heart attack)

The recipe is here.



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    Thank you for sharing your tip for your rice cake. It looks fluffy!

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