Korean and Japanese Foods





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    I went to the Ste-Catherine Street store of the Korean and Japanese Foods (1829 Ste-Catherine Street, West, get off at Guy metro) and it was a small store. They had ready made kimchi and a limited selection of noodles and pastes. They had a lot of instant noodle bowls on small section of the second floor. I did not see rice cakes in the freezer but they had different frozen fish and sea food. I saw anchovies but not the kelp. They had a good selection of soy and other sauces. I did not see bags of rice on the main floor but I may have missed some things as I didn’t stay and investigate very long. I don’t recall they had fresh produce. They had a small counter with fridge section with ready made foods like gimbap. The cashiers were really nice.

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    is The store Big

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