Let’s send Jamie Frater to Korea!

By Maangchi

June 11/2011 update:
Jamie won the Grand Prize in the contest! Congratulations!

The contest winners:
1. Grand Prize : Username [Jamie Frater]
2. Second Prize : Username [kmac1047]
3. Third Prize : Username [mariewebb8], [Camille17], [AllergicAngel]


Original post:
One of our most active participants, Jamie Frater, entered a Korean food blog contest. It will finish soon. The grand prize is a trip to Korea. I love to read his articles. When I read his posts, I am surprised at his well-researched description about each Korean dish!  The photos of his stunning looking homemade delicious dishes make me surprised as well. This is some of the best Korean food blogging I have ever read.

If he has a chance to visit to Korea as a winner of this contest, I’m sure he will meet a lot of Korean food experts and experience diverse Korean cuisine that I haven’t posted or I wouldn’t be able to post.

Let’s help him get to Korea so that he can tell us even more Korean cooking stories when he comes back.

How can we help him?
Check this link and read his articles, and click “thumb up” for each one you like. I thumbed up every article! Your “thurmb up” will give him a vote towards winning a trip to Korea.

Some of my readers who cook Korean food on regular basis deserve some attention from the Korean government. The Korean government is working hard to globalize Korean food, so they should invite and interview those who have been cooking Korean food and sharing with their friends, family, and coworkers. They are not trying to be ambassadors for Korean food, they just genuinely love it.

Jamie Frater’s Korean meal table setting



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