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My 2 week trip to Guatemala was done successfully. I could not check my email, Youtube, and my blog comments everyday. Maybe every other day when I found an internet café, I could only approve the comments, but no answer. Approving comments took about 1-2 hours. It was impossible to answer everybody’s questions.

I found a few of my devoted readers answered on behalf of me! I felt wow! It made me feel a little bit emotional. I don’t know how to thank you guys.

I usually focus on 3 factors when I travel to another country: food, scenery, and people. How about you?

I will ask you this. Which factor of the 3 do you think I would consider the most important factor?

I think most of you may say, “Maangchi, I know you like food, so I guess your number one priority must be to taste their local food!”  If you say so, it’s a wrong answer. : )

I love to meet people! I’m very interested in looking at what they wear, eat, and drink, even how they carry their heavy stuff!

You know where you can see all this in a limited time? Ooh baby, it’s a market! I love to see their markets. When you go to their market, you’ll be able to see all these things in one place.

I visited Antigua, San Pedro, Chichicastenango market, Guatemala City, Flores, Tikal, Coban,  and Semuc Champey during my 2 week travel. My total travel hours in the country were about 50 hours, which means I traveled everyday about 4 hours. I’m confessing that you are always following me wherever I went, so I took so many photos to show you later. I’m not kissing your ass, but this is true! : )

I will blog about what I saw and experienced in 3 blog posts:
1. the food I tasted

2. the markets that I saw and shopped, and scenery photos, and
3. the people that I saw and met.
Are you interested in reading these?
Ok, this is my introduction, I will write about these soon. Stay tuned!

muralSan Pedro




  1. Monicadelpozo Guatemala joined 2/19 & has 2 comments

    Hi Maangchi. I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for about a year now and I’ve cooked some too. You’re amazing. I’ve tasted korean food and felt in love with it. Thanks to your videos, I’ve been able to cook some. You’re the best. Thank you!

    I’m from Guatemala, and now I’m looking you came here. Wow!

    Those “trajes tipicos” change depending on the area people live. They have embroidery by hand, different from place to place and represent their history, nature and other things. They are very special to them.

    I read you liked chiltepe. Those grow from a plant super easy. You just throw them in some dirt and the plant grows effortless and it gives you lots and lots of chiltepe :D

    Bye bye Maanchi :)

  2. ylre joined 4/09 & has 9 comments

    Happy New Year Maangchi! Nice way to close the year with this backpacking trip of yours.
    I would like to answer your question on whether it’s the scenery, food or people. I was surprised to see you chose people over food. Same choice for me. But on the second thought, it might not actually come as a surprise considering that you really easily connect to people that you come across even just online.
    People, people. I’ll leave my other thoughts on your “people” entry.

  3. Violin123& has 10 comments

    Maangchi, you are funny. :) Of course we were following you and waiting for you to come back and tell us all about it. So, Yes, I’m interested in reading those so one day I can also visit those areas. I have couple questions though. 1. Why did you choose Guatemala? Do you have a particular reason or just a random selection? 2. How did you arrange your travel schedule and places to visit? You traveled by yourself right? How did you arrange your connection from one place to the other?

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

      Guatemala is one of the most popular countries among backpackers. A few of my friends recommended it to me.
      Get a book “lonely planet”(Guatemala) and you will get all useful information. Wherever I travel, the first thing I do is to buy the book about the country.

  4. OMG! It’s so beautiful! I want to go there and use some of my elementary spanish~ Como estas senorita!! WOOHOOO~~ LOL~ I love how everything is so vibrant and colorful! and the ocean is so blue! can’t wait to see more photos!

  5. I worked and lived in Guatemala for around 8 months and I loved it. It was life changing. The beautiful colors of the trajes típicos (traditional dress), the Mayan languages, the food, the topography there is all amazing. I am sure you are enjoying yourself immensely while there:)

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