It’s always a wonderful feeling for me when my readers tell me that they made delicious food from my recipes, and when they tell me that they shared it with other people and got lots of compliments.

I also heard a few stories of people starting small businesses from my recipes! Do you remember Laifa featured on my Korean food fan page? Laifa emailed me to say that she started her own Korean food catering business with her husband Erik in the Netherlands. Recently she had a huge event for 30 people and made a full Korean menu for them.

I have never met her face to face, but I feel like she is like one of my old friends.

I’m so impressed by Laifa’s “doer” spirit. This is why I call her a “doer.” She came to my website and she fell in love with Korean dishes and made them for her family and friends. Her food was so delicious that her niece Inge came to my website to learn Korean cooking, too. She and Inge kept cooking Korean food whenever they had a family special occasion. Now she started her catering business, Laifood. I am sure her food is tasty because she will make food with love just like she made it for her family members.

I was curious about how she made this happen, what’s her menu.. etc. Let’s give her good wish a success! She is a real inspiration!

Laifood Korean dinner menu

Laifa emailed me and said:

Erik and I prepared a lot beforehand at home, like cutting all the veggies, roasting the pork on the bbq, pickling the shallots etc.

We’ve had most of the banchans (side dishes) ready when we arrived at the restaurant, and in the kitchen we made the gimbap and the dipping sauces. We served all the banchans together with lettuce and rice and as the evening progressed we prepared and served japchae, dakgangjeong and honghap miyeokguk.

Favorite dishes were: dakgangjeong (of course!), dwaejibulgogi, myeolchi-muchim, gimbap and people always love japchae, they love the chewiness of the sweet potato noodle.

Enclosed are photos from the event. We’ve had so much fun in the kitchen!
LaifoodErik and Laifa having fun in the kitchen while preparing the food!

Laifood“My gimbap has lots of filling inside with less rice! I’d like to make best of best gimbap for my customers!”

gimbapGimbap and dipping sauce

LaifoodErik and Inge

Korean-Dinner-Laifood-17“These are really colorful and  delicious!”

Korean-Dinner-Laifood-18“Hello, Maangchi readers! Check out the table! We really enjoyed this feast! Cheers to our dakgangjeong!”

kimchiKimchi bowls for everyone

korean fried chickenCrunchy crunchy Korean fried chicken (dakgangjeong)!”

kimchi“My customers love my kimchi!”

japchaeJapchae (Chewy glass noodles with vegetables and mushrooms)

potato salad (gamja salad: 감자샐러드)Potato salad

Korean-Dinner-Laifood-22 “Good food made with love makes us smile!”

Korean-Dinner-Laifood-23“Yum, yum!”

Korean-Dinner-Laifood-24Laifa in the center, with her friends

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