Stephanie posted this manju photo on Facebook a while ago. These are the sweet manju pastries she made with her two children.


A lot of people send me photos and I love to get them. I feel connected to them through their cooking stories and can picture what they are doing. This photo is a prime example of one that really touched me, so I want to share this photo here on my website.

Looking at this photo is not simply I can say it looks so delicious. I see the behind story about this photo. I picture a mom and 2 very young children work together!

Stephanie said: “My family made manju together… My 2 children loved the whole experience! They were fighting over who was going to brush on the egg yolk. My 3 year old called the eggyolk mixture yellow paint!”

I can picture them carefully painting the egg yolk, and hear their mom congratulating them on a good job.

“Hey, yours looks really shiny, good job!”
“Mom! mom! I forgot sprinkling sesame seeds”
“Oh, ok, let’s bake these guys.”

I can imagine how happy they would be to see these golden manju come out of the oven, and how proud they would be to taste them.


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