Ever since I visited the Netherlands and learned this great Dutch meatball recipe from my reader Reinier, I always stick to it when I make meatballs. Delicious! Delicious! Thank you Reinier for teaching me your traditional meatball recipe!

Recently I got this idea for a sloppy Dutch meatball sandwich, and made it at home. Maybe some Dutch people are doing the same thing? Either way, I’d like to share this idea with you, my readers, because I know you guys are not only interested in Korean food, but in food from around the world.


I made about 50 meatballs and kept the leftovers in my freezer (I should feed some of my hungry friends soon). The crushed tomato based sauce makes this bun sloppy but juicy. First I stir-fried garlic and onion with olive oil, and then poured in some crushed tomato chunks. Then I added some oregano, a pinch of salt, black pepper, chopped green onion, and olives. Yummy yummy boong boong!


Does this photo give you an idea for a Sloppy Dutch Meatball Sandwich Party with your firends? If so, I give you a thumbs up! : )

meatballsandwichHave one bite, everybody! : )


  1. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    Thank you for your suggestion!

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    If you don’t already, you should post recipes you find! Maybe Maangchi’s Food Adventures or something. Or a Gapshida channel…

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