I’ve lived in Korea about five years now, and aside from BBQ, bibim guksu has always been my favorite Korean food. I recently moved to a different area of Seoul and none of the restaurants had decent bibim guksu, so I took it upon myself to study and learn the recipe! I could seriously eat this every day, I love it so much!!

A few adjustments I made (depends on your taste):
I add more gochu jang and more sugar and soy sauce. (I guess I like mine more sweet than sour)
I cut up some lettuce leave tops and surround the edges of the bowl with them.

I like mixing the paste, kimchi and noodles all together first (so I know I have the right noodle to paste ratio) and then putting it in the bowl to decorate and serve. The best part about that is that the kimchi and cucumbers usually sit at the bottom, but if you mix it with your hands and transfer it to another bowl, you’ll be able to scoop up the kimchi and cucumbers and sprinkle them on top.

So so yummy. Thank Maangchi!!! I <3 you!

The recipe is here.

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    Loren, thank you for sharing this photo and your story with us! I can tell you are great in cooking by looking at this photo. I love the presentation! You added more hot pepper paste and soy sauce? Great! Bibimguksu should look red and taste spicy. : )

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