Mini Korean Feast (Pork bo-ssam, sigeumchi-namul, radish salad, kimchi jjigae)

I made a mini korean feast – pork bo-ssam with pickled napa cabbage leaves. I also made sigeumchi-namul, a radish salad (i omitted the fresh oysters) and kimchi jjigae using my well aged kimchi! Everything tasted so perfect! Best of all, it was a low carb meal, yet very filling!

My family complimented all the dishes while eating! All the food was wiped out in less than 30 minutes. It was a milestone achieved for me as i have always only made one korean dish each time. This time i managed to make a mini korean meal!

Thanks maangchi for your easy to follow recipes! After last night’s meal, I made a new batch of fresh mak-kimchi today!

The recipe for Pork bo-ssam, sigeumchi-namul, radish salad, kimchi jjigae is here!

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