Chijeu-buldak 치즈불닭 with Italian twist ^^

Finally I made this yummy chijeu-buldak.. It turned out not as spicy as I thought it would be.. So next time, I would probably add more chili flakes in the marinade.. Oh and i did marinate it overnight for tastier chicken ^^
As i didn’t have an oven, i used microwave to melt the cheese.. Turns out very yummy with melted cheese.. And as i didn’t have rice cake on hand, i used penne pasta instead ^^
I just bought some rice cake last weekend and will try making this Chijeu-buldak with the rice cake.. It will surely be super delicious.. Thanks a lot for your great recipe, Maangchi ssi.. ^^

The recipe for Cheese Buldak (치즈불닭) with Italian twist ^^ is here!

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