My first Korean dish after months!

Hi, Maangchi. I’ve just come back from China, where I spent a few months studying Mandarin Chinese. I was staying at a dorm and we didn’t have a proper kitchen, so it was very frustrating to me to follow your recipes without being able to prepare them. In my first week back home in Spain, I started immediately to cook again, but I began with fermented stuff, so I have to wait for a while before trying these things: makkeoli, mat kimchi, chonggak kimchi, and even gochujang! But if there was a recipe I really wanted to try, it was this buldak. I has instantly become one of my favourites!! Thanks again for another wonderful recipe :-)

The recipe for Fire chicken with cheese/chijeu buldak/치즈불닭 is here!

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    Welcome back to Korean cooking mode, Sergio! : ) I hope your studying in China was very fruitful! This buldak looks very handsome!

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