Soondubu jjigae (soft tofu stew)

It’s the weekend, which means I have time to cook! The first dish on my list for this weekend was Maangchi’s soondubu jjigae. This was my first attempt at the soup, but I’m happy with it. I made it a bit spicy, but that doesn’t bother me! My mom, who can’t handle spicy food very well, loved the smell coming from the soup and wanted to try it. She was a champ and really liked it despite the heat! However, I could tell the spice was getting to her so I got two melona bars from my secret stash (I seriously treat that stuff like gold), and we both enjoyed one for desert. It was a wonderful way to end dinner :) Can’t wait to try out more recipes!

The recipe is here.

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    What a cute story it is! : ) “so I got two melona bars from my secret stash..” I love melona bars, too. Your soondubu jjigae looks very tasty! Congratulations!

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