Maangchi, this Yuk gae jung recipe is one of the first one of your recipes that I tried when I discovered you a few years ago. Since then, I’ve practiced and revised a little until it fit my personal taste. Now I think it finally fits exactly what I like. The one in this picture is the best one yet! (I almost cried while I ate it, it was so good!) Thank you SO MUCH! This is my favorite korean soup and now i can have it anytime I want thanks to you! YAY! *bows to maangchi-sonsangnim*

The recipe is here.

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    oh somi somi!
    “I almost cried while I ate it, it was so good!” oh my! I know how you felt! I feel your passion through your words. I feel the same way sometimes! : ) Now I am curious about your version. If you can, please post your modification on the forum so that many people including me can check it out. https://www.maangchi.com/talk/forum/reader-recipes

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