Korean chicken pages

  1. Dak gang jeong .. heavenly chicken wings..so delicious!!

  2. Yangyeomtongdak from our picnic

  3. Delicious dakgangjung!

  4. dakkangjung

  5. Dakgangjeong (Sweet and crunchy chicken)

  6. Seasoned fried chicken (Yangnyeom tongdak) from Maangchi

  7. Dakbokkeumtang (Spicy braised chicken)

  8. DakKangJung (Sweet and crispy chicken)

  9. Dakjjim (Braised chicken)

  10. Seasoned fried chicken

  11. Yanyeom Tongdak

  12. Dakkangjeong (sweet and crispy chicken)

  13. Yangnyeom Tongdak (Seasoned fried chicken)

  14. Ham Alfred’s dakkangjung (sweet and crispy chicken)

  15. Yangnyeom Dak