Korean food photos

These are awesome photos from my readers of Korean dishes that they made.
U have one too? Upload it here!

  1. Jjajangbap

  2. Cheese buldak (fire chicken with cheese)

  3. Tongbaechu-kimchi (Napa Cabbage Kimchi)

  4. Vegan Kimchi Jjigae

  5. Japchae

  6. Awesome jellyfish salad!

  7. Kimbap!

  8. first attempt at cooking Korean food for my in-laws

  9. Songpyeon

  10. Spicy jjimdak (매운 찜닭)

  11. Soft Tofu Stew (with Kimchi)

  12. Steamed perilla leaves Kkaennipjjim 깻잎찜

  13. Hot and spicy rice cake

  14. Traditional kimchi

  15. Mak Kimchi finally!