yangnyeomtongdak pages

  1. Sweet, spicy, and crunchy chicken!

  2. Fried Chicken

  3. Korean spicy fried chicken

  4. Korean Fried Chicken

  5. Yummy Yangnyeom-tongdak

  6. Yangnyeom tongdak

  7. Maangchi Inspired Wings

  8. Yangnyeom-tongdak (Korean spicy seasoned fried chicken)

  9. Korean Fried Chicken

  10. Korean fried chicken yo! :)

  11. KFC, Korean Fried Chicken, yangnyeom tongdak

  12. Yangnyeomtongdak

  13. Yangnyeomtongdak (Korean seasoned fried chicken)

  14. Yummy Spicy Crispy Yangnyeom Tongdak… and GASP! It’s oven fried!!!!

  15. Korean fried chicken and Sigeumchi namul