Improved Korean Grocery Shopping Directory

By Maangchi

2 years ago I started a new section in my forum about where to find Korean cooking ingredients. It can be hard to find stores that sell Korean groceries, so this was a place for people to help each other find places to shop.

Since that time many people have added to the section, which helped all of us, no matter where we live. But these days I notice that people are asking the same questions about stores, even though those stores have already been submitted! They can’t find them easily.

What to do?

So to make your lives easier, I organized all your information, post by post, into a new Korean grocery shopping directory.

Thanks to you guys, there are more than 110 stores there. From now on, we will use this more user-friendly method to find stores.

From now, Anyone can add a new store to the directory, you can add it here.

I have some requests if you want to submit a store:

  1. Please check the information before submitting.
  2. If the store closes, please let us know, then I will update.
  3. Please take some responsibility for this store, if you submit it. Your page should be reliable, which is why your name is at the top.

If you follow these requests, we’ll all appreciate it! The purpose is very simple: to help each other. Your effort to input exact info will help those who are interested in Korean cooking. Isn’t it awesome?

This directory will be very powerful and reliable, even for travelers who might want to cook Korean food, no matter where they are. Like me! :)

Thanks again for all your help and support!



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