My YouTube Creator Camp experience

By Maangchi

My 5 day YouTube Creator Camp was an awesome experience! I really had a great time at the camp and learned a lot of things, and met some great people.

Before going, I expected that they would give me a lot of advice about what to change in my videos. I expected they would have a lot of direct advice for me. But the camp was not like that at all. Instead, their message was that I was doing a good job, and that I was doing a lot of things right.

They showed me a lot of new techniques and ideas, and left it up to me to choose which ones would be useful. On YouTube, there is no clear way to “do it right,” we’re all deciding as we go. However one thing that everybody agrees is that keep doing what we do with lots of passion. I realized that I was not the only one who spends so much time on producing videos.

I want to thank YouTube team again for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity and I’m honored to be one of the 25 YouTube NextUp Creators. At the ending ceremony, I got a $35,000 check! Yay, it’s time for me to plan on my global cooking show by visiting my readers!

One day, we went to a Chinese restaurant. They served this amazing looking whole fish dish. Tasty!

Lunch at Google cafeteria. So colorful and super tasty!

Lunch at Google cafeteria

“Hurry up,  many people will be lining up to taste our patbingsu (shaved ice with sweet red beans and fruit) soon!”

Ice for 100 servings! Several people shaved it with the small shaver. Scratch faster and make snow mountain! : )

ooh yummy yummy homemade sweet redbeans. You can’t make patbingsu without this because “pat” is red bean (adzuki beans) in Korean. : ) I made this and kept in my fridge before going to the camp. On the day of my presentation, I brought this to Google. The video of that day and the recipe will be posted soon.

These 2 men were my team! On the left, pdrop. on the right, Travis TheReceptionist. Both of them live in Los Angeles. These 2 became my good friends!

“Next, put some shaved ice”

With Michelle Phan, After talking and listening to her,  I found she’s very down to earth and super smart!

with Peter from pdrop Mission #1! let’s clear everything here! booya! : )

With Byan Odell from YouTube channel BryanStars “ouch Bryan! You are still smiling even though you have severe burning scar on your face!”

The first day of camp, I went to Brooklyn with my 2 team members. I ran into one of my readers at Subway! She said, “Are you maangchi?” She said she made bunch of Korean dishes! I was surprised! I forgot to ask her name! If you happen to see this photo, please let me know your name through email.



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