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My trip to Minnesota for “Passport to Korea”

By Maangchi

The trip to Minnesota from July 8 to 10 was very exciting! I met a lot of interesting people even though I stayed very short time. When I got contacted by one of my long time blog readers Amy King who asked me to be part of the event, I was very happy and honored! Passport to Korea! I love the title!

Amy and me

with MC Jung Hae Lee, me, and the president of NoPAK (Network of Professional Adopted Koreans) John Perry

It is known that more than 13,000 adopted Koreans are living in Minnesota. I always think adopted Koreans living in different cultures are very cool because they have the best of 2 cultures in their roots: Korean culture and another culture. Every single person I met at the event was friendly, open minded, and was eager to learn about Korean cultures, language, and food! When I went shopping with a few people for the cooking demos, even in the car, they practiced some Korean words! Everybody seemed to work hard to make the event successful which really impressed me.

The event was sponsored by Korean Consulate General in Chicago, Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles, and Korean Tourism Organization. I was surprised at the wide variety of performances featured on the stage: Korean drums, traditional dance, Taekwondo, piano, food tasting, and the most interesting thing for me was Korean costume fashion show! Have you seen the drama “Queen Seondeok”? I met the designer who made all the costumes for the actors and actresses. Her name is Hyun Sook Lee. She said she brought more than 120 costumes for the fashion show from Korea.

This costume is from the drama Queen Seondeok

I did my cooking demos twice on July 9 and 10 at the Mall of America which is known as the biggest shopping mall in the USA. On July 9, I was interviewed by local FoxTV news reporter Todd. He asked me, “what is Korean food?” wha? Can anybody who reads my website answer the question quickly? : )

I met Jon Huston who was on Korean reality show about finding his birth mother. When I read his story, it was  so touching that  I cried!

with Jon Huston and his children

And, And who else!

OMG, my readers! While I was doing cooking demos, I could notice who my readers were among the audience! They were giving me huge smile during my whole cooking demos. They came to me after the demos and we took some photos together. My heart gets warm whenever I meet my readers. Some of their children recognized my face and smiled at me because their moms or dads make their favorite Korean dishes and watch my videos together. So I have many little children fans!

My readers who came to the MOA to see me. We went to a coffee shop to chat

My reader Kerri gave me this candy called “konpeito” in a beautiful box that she made for me. Thank you, Kerri!

with some of my readers who came to see me on July10.

One of my readers, Mr. Bruce Harriongton’s daughter Clare. Clare says, “I like bulgogi!”

with Danyelle and her children Ella and Ben


Kristine’s daughter Alex

with  Breanna Parslow and Carolina Lam

with Eileen



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