My first Bibimbap :)

Hello from Slovakia,
I made my first bibimbap and it was so great. I used small bowl with lot of tasty ingredients :D little bit hard to mix it. Each food from Maangchi´s recipes is great and very clear to understand, step by step. My Korean boyfriend and his childrens love my food, they already said, that by cooking Im 70% of Korean. Thank you a lot Maangchi! You are part of our lives, and your recipes helping us a lot for better relationship.

The recipe for Bibimbap is here!

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    It looks mouthwatering, Andrea!
    Lots of colorful cooked vegetables, egg, and warm rice in a bowl makes a perfectly delicious 1 bowl meal. You are 70% of Korean? I’m not sure how you calculated the percentage but I can say your Korean cooking is 100 percent tasty and authentic!

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