My husband's  favorite Korean dish bibimbap!

we love this recipe so much! its unique taste made my day really great..healthy food and It’s Fun to Eat!

The recipe for bibimbap is here!


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    Due to Covid-19 pandemic our access to to buy Korean ingredients are affected. Also,prices of our local vegetables began to skyrocket due to transportation. But my passion for cooking will not stop me from this setbacks. Im always satisfied with the result of my kimchi.thank you maangchi for being my inspiration during this crisis,watching your cooking videos makes me happy ang give me more strenght to continue cooking and overcome this situation. This Situation makes me realize to continue what we love with our love ones, because life is short to waste. Doing what you love is what really matters. So i cook. I pray that this pandemic will end soon and in the future i will meet you in person maangchi and help me to learn more about korean recipes and other things .Thank you and stay safe, Stay home, Happy cooking!

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