Finally i made kimchi ! To be honest i don’t like it was garlicky and has strong taste but at same time it was without taste , i tasted store kimchi once and don’t like too so i decided to make it in home but still the same i think kimchi don’t match with my taste , i was looking for sour and salty and spicy one but it wasn’t i’ll trying make kimchi jeon maybe i would love it.  Thanks maangchi for sharing recipes with us!

The recipe for Emergency kimchi (Yangbaechu-kimchi :양배추김치) is here!


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    The kimchi looks so juicy and well fermented! yum!
    “i think kimchi don’t match with my taste” Don’t worry, not all people love kimchi. yeah you may like cooked kimchi dishes like kimchi pancake, kimchi soup, kimchi stir-fried rice…

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