I made japchae for a korean food picnic recently. When I visited my counselor friend recently, I said, we talked about the korean picnic I organized. She wasn’t able to come, but she was interested in the kinds of food I prepared. She even asked the recipe for japchae, so I explained it to her. And then I remembered that I spilled some of the japchae “sauce” on one of my notebooks. And so I said, “Oh, Ms. Counselor, you’re interested in japchae right? I couldn’t save you any, but I spilled some sauce on my notebook. Maybe you’d like to smell it? haha” And she did. She said it smelled delicious and was different from ordinary noodles. I thought it was a little funny.

The recipe is here.


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    That Japchae looks delicious! Funny thing, today I went to H- Mart here in Portland to get ingredients to make Spicy Beef and Radish Soup, Japchae, and Bibimguksu. I was so excited and overwhelmed at all the good food- fresh fish, kim chi of all kinds, banchan of all kinds and everything. I saw ponytail radish so I bought some to make ponytail radish kimchi!! I got carried away and bought fresh mackerel but I will freeze it to make braised mackerel tomorrow. The nice Korean man at the store was trying to help me find noodles for bibim naengmyon and japchae. He showed me the instant noodles and he said, ” Here, this is easy for you!” Also, we have japchae already made in the deli” I politely said, “Oh no, I like to make my own japchae. He looked at my full cart and smiled and walked away! People think just because I don’t look Korean, ( I am half Korean) I don’t know anything about Korean food, but no! I listen to Maangchi and she teaches me!!

    So, I’m going to make braised mackerel, spicy beef and radish soup, japchae, bibimguksu and bibimnaeng myon. That will keep me busy for the next few weeks. I bought lots of side dishes including spicy anchovy but I like yours better Maangchi. This one is only salty- not sweet. I love the salty sweet flavor of the spicy anchovy dish.
    I hope you are well Maangchi! Thanks for all your talent and generosity of spirit with all your recipes!!!

    p.s. I would love to post a pic of me and my food that I make but I don’t know how! I am not good with the computer- can you tell me how? : )

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    Thank you so much for sharing your cute story with us. Your friend will get addicted to your delicious Korean dishes and eventually she will make her own Korean food sooner or later.
    : )

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