A very yummy Korean lunch!

After making gimbap for 2 years or more, I decided to make my own danmuji. I watched the video with my 8-year-old and she wanted me to make the lunchbox at the end of the video. I still have not found the gardenia fruits, so I’ve not made the danmuji. The ones in the photo are the store bought ones. But I did make the spicy stir-friend (store bought) fishcakes (not spicy, though), and the tuna pancakes. My 3 kids ate it all in a very short time and we’ve added the tuna pancakes to our regular lunch routine because we always have the ingredients on hand. We make the fishcakes as well when we have the ingredients. Thank you so much for such great recipes!

The recipe for Tuna Pancakes, Spicy stir-fried fishcakes is here!

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    I’m so happy to hear that your children love your Korean dishes.

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