BBQ picnic in Catskills

By Maangchi

I went to my friend’s cottage in the Catskill mountains, located in upstate New York, about 2 hours driving from New York City.  There were about 20 guests and I found all good homemade food! It was a July 4th party and my friend prepared delicious bbq and side dishes.

I brought Korean style marinated galbi (beef ribs) for bbq and gimbap for vegetarians, I wanted to let them taste some Korean food.

Surprisingly among the 20 guests no one had ever tasted real Korean bbq. Usually people around me are fans of Korean food, so it made me realize how little Korean food is known among most people. They all seemed to like it.

I was surprised to see the huge area she owned! From her living room I could see the mountains far away. All around her house there are all kinds of wild flowers. She also has an apple tree and mulberry tree. I picked these for sangria.

This was an awesome experience for me.

On the way to the Catskills I stopped by my other friend’s house. He’s originally from India, and has a really cute baby named Jay. When he offered to stop by his house, I was too excited, because I wanted to see what was going on in an Indian family’s house.

Jay and Me!

My expectation was totally right. His wife and mother were there and they made us feel right at home. They reminded me of a Korean family in that no matter what time you come to their house, they are ready to bring you some food. They brought some samosas and some kind of balls I never tried before. I can’t find that kind of delicious food in any Indian restaurant. Each bite was even more delicious than the last.

The most delicious samosa that I have had so far!

I was impressed with how they preserved their culture and their food, even when they live in a foreign country. When they leave their home, they have to be American, but at home they keep their traditions. I think it’s cool.

Even though I run a popular website about Korean traditional food, there are so many people in the world making their own traditional food, every day, for their own meals. I’m nothing special, any of these people could also be on YouTube, and people would want to watch. At least, I would watch!

Looking out the kitchen window!





Beautiful wild flowers are everywhere


They are growing this healthy looking basil on the pot in the patio!


This dipping sauce is made by the queen of dipping sauces!


I made this vegetarian gimbap!


Sundried tomato quinoa pasta salad!


oh, sangria sangria! I picked the black berries from the tree to make this sangria! It was the best and the most fresh sangria that I have ever tasted!

I love great food and great people, no matter where I go. I love to meet new people and try their food, so this was such a wonderful day for me.



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