Leaving for Costa Rica

By Maangchi

Hi, everybody,

My trip to Boston was very fun. I was happy and excited to have a part in a movie! It wasn’t difficult for me to act.

It was thrilling to be surrounded by smart, passionate filmmakers. Even though it was cold, they worked so hard. The lighting person had to hold up the lights for a long time, her arms must have been tired. The sound woman had to lay on the floor in an awkward position for a long time, to get the right sound. I was honored to be surrounded by these young artists.

I am leaving for Costa Rica tomorrow with my daughter for 10 days.  My next video recipe will be posted  after I come back. I was trying to post it before leaving, but it’s impossible to get it done before I leave. So much to do!

I don’t think I can read email often while traveling, but if I find an internet cafe, I will check my emails. Can I ask a favor of you guys? Please answer some questions asked by new readers. I know you’ve cooked so many recipes, and if you’re a reader of my website you saw some of the same questions coming up all the time and you read my answers. Maybe you even asked some questions yourself! I would really appreciate it if you helped the new cooks, and I’m sure they would too. I rely on you guys!

I’ll take some photos wherever I go and update you later.

These are some photos I took when I visited Boston:

Once I arrived, we went to a room in next to the Harvard cafeteria and rehearsed.

On set. The old lady on the right is me! And see the sound woman on the floor : )

That’s me! I wish I could have looked older.

Paul Whang, the director, picked me up at the bus station.I made oisobagi for Paul. He loved it. I told him, “when you eat oisobagi, don’t split each piece and eat it from the split part first!  He followed my direction!  : )

Squid strips side dish with tuna pancake!  Paul said: “I missed Korean food a lot!” We had a great dinner from that lunchbox.  I will post these recipes someday!



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