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Maangchi Meetup

By Maangchi

I met my blog readers on Saturday afternoon, July 26. All eight members got together and had a great picnic. I was surprised that they recognized my face quickly. “Hey, Maangchi!” that’s the first sentence when they saw me. I took off my sunglasses to show my face so that they could find me easily. I was standing at our appointment place next to the fountain in Bryant Park.

I’m posting some photos here with their permission. It was such a pleasant time

During the meeting, our conversation kept going on. It never stopped! About what did we talk? Of course, we talked about Korean food again even though we were eating delicious Korean food at the moment. We had su jung gwa, gimbap, mandu, kimchi, and rice cake! Someone brought a bottle of wine and we could say “Cheers”!



si ru ttok (red bean rice cake)



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