Uh oh! Hoddeok! : )

By Maangchi

I posted my hoddeok recipe yesterday afternoon and this morning I got email from one of my long time readers Jenny (from Singapore). She attached her hoddeok photos! OMG! so quick! Her hoddeok looks like almost  identical to my hoddeok!  : ) of course!

Looking at the photos, I feel  full of happiness in my heart. Thank you,  Jenny! You trust my recipe! You must have been waiting for my new recipe! I want to give you big hug if you were here.

I like to share my happiness with all of my readers, so I decided to blog about this.

Jenny says,
“I made this with Jia xin. If I don’t stop her. she’ll eat 2 pieces. Well,I think the pancakes size is quite big for her. For kids I made  hoddeok with sliced cheese. I love the flavour of the cinnamon powder. Thx for sharing this easy recipe… Love u Maangchi muah…muah…”

I love you, too! “muah..muah..” : )

These are the photos that she sent. You can tell her cooking skill by looking at these 2 photos. Check her page on my website. You will see so many photos of Korean dishes that she made.

Hoddeok with sugar filling

Hoddeok with cheese filling



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