Some recent website improvements

By Maangchi

These are some important messages for all of my readers about recent changes that I made to my website. Maybe you noticed already?

Photo upload
When I first made my photos page, I thought it would be very easy for people to use Flickr to upload and manage their Korean food photos. Then they could add them to my group and I could display on my website. Easy!

The group now has 250 members, and I really appreciate their input, but Flickr has a very strict policy on new accounts, and for newer members it was confusing and took a long time, or their accounts were never approved by Flickr, which made us all very frustrated!

The reason I post readers’ photos on my website is to encourage people to cook, so this frustrating Flickr process was very discouraging. So now you can use Flickr or upload to my website directly, and they will be included to the photo page.

When you upload your photos, be sure to fill out the recipe link and let us know if and how you modified the recipe, so that others can learn. I see that so many  people invented their own recipes based on my recipe. They make vegetarian kimchi, add or skip some ingredients according to their taste. I love all of them and I’m very impressed.

If you belong to my Flickr group and have no problem with posting your photos, go ahead, it’s your choice. So far 1,400 photos are posted on my group page!

I  changed my site search to use Google, and when you start typing something, it will try to guess what you want based on what other people search. Try it out! Type something and it will give you popular suggetions.

Grocery Store maps
This enhancement is the most thrilling part for me! hooray! : ) I really appreciate all of your submissions, they are a big help for those who are looking for Korean ingredients in their area.

The Korean grocery shopping directory has gotten bigger and bigger with more stores added every day. Now that it’s getting so large, it needed to be better organized, instead of one big page. So I divided it into sections by country, and to make it easier to find stores I added maps to each country. For example here’s Singapore and here’s the USA. Please add your local store to it! It gets more useful every day.

Faster Forum
There was a problem with the forum where responding to someone’s post took a loooooooooong time. That’s fixed now, and the forum is super-fast. So go and talk to someone there! BTW, I don’t reply to everybody’s introduction, recipe request, or questions that I don’t know the answer to. But the forum is going very well and is very popular. Some of my readers make friends through the forum which is very awesome!

That’s it! More changes and improvements are coming, I’m working on them all the time.



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