Fried Rice - Can I say this is a Baek Kimchi Bokkeumbap ?

A small amount of baek kimchi made 5 months ago was still waiting in its brine.
It was not satisfying for me anymore to eat it raw so I tried this fried rice with white kimchi,
surimi, white mushroom, onions, a little bit of red bell pepper, garlic and ginger.
I wanted it spicy so I added a good amount of green chili pepper instead of gochujiang to preserve the fresh and white aspect.
And of course a drop of sesame oil before topping with a fried egg.
It was pretty good !
Served with the little left over of kimchi jjigae I had had the day before, a mixed salad of zucchini and cucumber, kkakdugi and ponytail kimchi.

The recipe for fried rice is here!

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    It looks and sounds great, Nayko!

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