Spicy and delicious braised chicken (Dak-bokkeumtang 닭볶음탕)

The weather is getting a little cooler, and I was excited to try Maangchi’s dak-bokkeumtang recipe! I followed the recipe to the letter, and the chicken turns out *so* tender and tasty! Spicy and perfect by itself or with a bowl of rice. YUM! Listen to Maangchi’s advice and don’t skip the chili peppers… it elevates the flavor of this dish to another level! Thank you for sharing and teaching us all about yummy Korean food! I also love the stories you share in each of your videos!

The recipe for Spicy braised chicken Dak-bokkeumtang 닭볶음탕 is here!


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    I had some leftover broth, so I used it to make some fried rice… Oh.EM.GEE!!! So good and so flavorful! I am happy to report that I didn’t waste a single drop of this spicy goodness.

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