Dakbokkeumtang (Spicy Braised chicken)

This has got to be my ultimate favorite Korean dish of all time. I actually combined Maangchi’s recipe and my friend’s mother’s daktoritang recipe when I made this. I visited my Korean friend in Argentina a few years ago and her mom made this insanely good daktoritang when I arrived at their house. Since wine is in abundance in Argentina, its very cheap to get a good quality bottle. She marinated the chicken in wine for 2 hours to get the chicken smell out and later when she made the sauce she added ketchup to add more sweetness and tang to the flavor. At the end it was a tasty dish and my in-laws loved it!

The recipe for Dakbokkeumtang is here!

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    Thank you for sharing the wine idea with us! Your dakbokkeumtang looks super delicious: spicy, juicy, and tender meat.

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