Fried fish with seasoning sauce with homemade sushi :)
Thx Maangchi, I didn’t really know how to cook until I made spicy braised chicken for the first time. I was quite impressed with myself and how good it was. This was about a year ago and now I know 25 of your recipes :) I’m Korean and live in Montréal. I made some dishes to my parents and friends and they all loved it and they too were impressed. It’s BBQ season time, hope you can post more BBQ recipe soon :)

The recipe is here.

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    “I was quite impressed with myself and how good it was…” yay, I’m also very impressed with what you made. So far you’ve made 25 recipes from all my recipes? Good luck with your Korean cooking! Your kimchi, kimbap, sukjunamul, and domiyangnyeomgui all look superb!

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