Korean food
I love cooking Korean food for the people I care about, and I have this website to thank for my ability to do so!

I made a Korean dinner for my family and host sister (who is from Korea) while I was visiting for spring break, and it was so nice to be able to give her a little taste of home. I made ddeokbokki, bulgogi, and uhmook bokkeum from scratch. I also heated up some side dishes (ggaetnip gogijeon and dubu jeon) and served some kimchi and kakdugi from our local Korean store with dinner as well. We had a wonderful time sharing stories and enjoying our time together. This is what I love about cooking – through this labor of love you can always bring people together in fellowship at the end of a long day.

p.s. I also loved sending my boyfriend (who is Korean as well) a picture of this meal to make him think twice about his decision to go to Myrtle Beach without me haha :)

The recipe is here.

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