korean snack pages

  1. Crunchy balloon bread

  2. Kkwabaegi

  3. Hotteok yummy!

  4. Korean sausage bread (Sausage ppang: 소세지빵)

  5. I’m gradually improving

  6. First Tteokbokki

  7. Crunchy balloon bread (Gonggal-ppang: 공갈빵)

  8. Tteokbokki (Spicy rice cake)

  9. Matdongsan cookies made by Jamie Lee!

  10. Home fluffy delicious twisted donuts

  11. Crunchy Korean peanut cookies (Matdongsan: 맛동산)

  12. Kkwabaegi (Twisted donuts)

  13. Tteokbokki Dinner

  14. Egg bread for Saturday breakfast!

  15. Hotteok with Gouda and ham