Kimchi made with homegrown perilla leaves!

By Maangchi

Yesterday I went to Flushing, Queens to buy some Korean ingredients. On the way back home, I found a lady selling these homegrown perilla leaves on the street.

Perilla leaves

She said: “It’s still early to harvest my perilla leaves. You can come again later and I’ll have more.”

You can imagine how excited I was! I talked to the lady for a while, she reminded me of my grandmother.

Once I came home, I was pretty tired but I still made kkaennip kimchi. Kkaennip should be cooked or pickled soon after they are picked because they are easily bruised, so I wanted to use them as soon as possible.

perilla leaf kimchi

Last night I had delicious, flavorful kkaennip kimchi! That’s the only side dish I need for my dinner!



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