My readers’ ojingeojeot (fermented squid)

By Maangchi

On Nov.7, 2010 I posted my blog: “My readers’ 1 month project: making ojingeojeot.” All my readers were invited to participate and Lanie Kruszewski, Jenny, Irene Loi, and Fiona Lim joined in. They made delicious ojingeojeot after fermenting squid for 1 month, and now they want to share their results with you. If you’re afraid to handle fresh squid, please be brave! All 4 love the outcome and they’re more confident about their Korean cooking now.

When you read what they say about their homemade ojingeojeot, I think you’ll be encouraged to try to make this side dish. Currently occupying one corner of my refrigerator is a jar of squid, salted more than 1 month ago. My daughter will come in the middle of January, so I made it in advance for her. Check out the recipe if you’re interested in making it now.

1. Lanie Kruszewski‘s ojingeojeot

Lanie says:

When I got the squid out of my fridge and rinsed it off, I was surprised at how little of a smell it gave off — it was not at all as fishy-smelling as I had feared!
My first thought when I tasted it was Whoa! Very flavorful and very chewy! Hahaha. It definitely packs a lot of flavor into each bite. I had prepared a simple lunch to accompany it — lightly seasoned rice with egg and steamed vegetables. A half-hearted bimbimbap, if you will, to make sure that the ojingeojeot was the main attraction. And it definitely was! I’m glad that this recipe will keep for a long time in the refrigerator, because it will be a great side dish for when I feel lazy — I will just make some rice and let a few bites of ojingeojeot flavor the entire meal! I attached another picture to this email, also. As I was eating, I found myself putting a little bit of seasoned rice on a cucumber slice, and topping it with the fermented squid. Like a little Korean hors d’oeuvre :)Anyway, I’m so glad that I was able to make this dish, and finally try it! I had never eaten raw squid before, nor had I tried any fermented seafood before (other than fish sauce, I suppose). It’s always nice to have a new food experience, especially when it is a delicious one :)…

2.Jenny’s ojingeojeot

Jenny took this ojingeojeot with her to a visit in her hometown in Indonesia, and shared this with so many of her relatives and family members. She prepared so many different kinds of Korean dishes for  family party. I’ll post the photos in another blog post because it will be very interesting for you to read and see what she made. Regarding ojingeojeot, she says: “the seasoning s very yummyyyyy. The squids smell nice, too…not fishy! ”

3.Irene Loi’s ojingeojeot

Irene says:

To be honest, I was abit nervous abt the fermented squid coz it has been “sleeping” in the fridge for one month!  Of course, I know it will turn out to be delicious as it is yr recipe.  And ohhhh….. the seasoning smells so so good when I mixed everything together and immediately, i knew this would be a winner!  It is spicy and sweet at first, then the saltiness comes last. I imagine it would be so so good with rice. I used the hot pepper flakes fm Assi, it is very fragrant!

4.Fiona’s ojingeojeot

Fiona says: “It’s chewy, spicy, garlicky, gingery and salty. Best eaten with rice.  Yummy. *-*”



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