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2008 Toronto Meetup

By Maangchi

On Dec. 13, 2008 I met up with some of my Canadian readers and viewers in Koreatown in Toronto.

I arrived there before 11:00 am and one by one they showed up at the restaurant. I noticed who was there for the meetup right away because they seemed to recognize me before I recognized them.
“Oh~ Maangchi, oh~!!”
“yes, yes!”
We just hugged each other just like long time friends!

Of course we kept talking about Korean food. Someone asked me “Where can I get sashimi grade raw fish for hoedeopbap recipe?” Someone asked, “Maangchi, who taught you your cooking skill? Where did you get all the recipes?” Whatever I answered, whatever they asked, we were ready to laugh and smile!

We ordered “grilled pork belly” which is the restaurant’s specialty. There was one who doesn’t eat meat, so she ordered “roasted mackerel with rice.”

I showed them how to wrap the grilled pork in lettuce.
“Ok, see what I’m doing. First put the cooked crispy pork in here, then put seasoned green onion, sliced garlic , a piece of chopped green chili pepper, and ssamjang! And wrap it like this and eat like this!” : )

Everybody had fun while they were eating lunch.

I suggested they meet regularly to go to a Korean restaurant together. I was going back to New York so I couldn’t join them next time.

I was told that they already emailed each other. It’s awesome! Isn’t it?

Good food, good people!



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