First time to make one! :))
i boiled bean sprouts in 1 cup of water. (I think, I overdid it, the bean sprouts looked brown already x_x) then i added garlic and olive oil and put it aside. =p
i sliced the zucchini, placed salt and sauteed it. (i overcooked the zucchini T_T, it was all translucent. haha)
then i sliced the shiitake mushrooms and sauteed it with soy sauce and sugar. (i used only 3 small mushrooms, i wished i added more. haha)
then sauteed the beef with garlic, soy sauce and sugar as you said. =)
and lastly the egg. :))
i made the nonspicy sauce because i wasn’t able to buy the hot pepper paste :(
nonetheless, my mom and i liked it. :)

thanks for the recipe! :D

PS.. i forgot to buy spinach. i also forgot to add carrots. i wasn’t able to find sesame seeds in the grocery. i’ll try this again sometime. =))
The recipe is here.


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    Thank you for your explanation about how you made your bibimbap. It looks very tasty! If you add spinach and carrot to your bibimbap, it will look very colorful. Congratulations on making delicious bibimbap!

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