Dakgangjeong and challah for Shabbat dinner

dakgangjeong (crunchy Korean chicken: 닭강정)
I made Dakgangjeong (Korean Crispy Fried Chicken), because in Israel they often have schintzel for Jewish Friday dinner. My husband loves kampunggi but it was hard to find a good recipe for it. He still calls this dish schnitzel! So Maangchi’s recipe was the closest to it. I also made coleslaw to accompany it because this is what they serve it with at our favourite Korean restaurant. The garnish is something I learned from my Thai students.
The bread is challah, the traditional bread for Friday dinner. And all served with rice!

Thanks Maangchi! It was a hit and my husband really enjoyed it which makes me happy! You really do spread the love!

The recipe for Dakgangjeong (닭강정) is here.

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    I love the presentation and your chicken looks superb! Thank you for sharing the story about your culture!

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