My First Kimbap

This is a collage of the photos taken the first time I made kimbap..
I could not find any yellow radish so I tried using cucumber. (But it was not tasty) Anyway, I used ground beef and the usual eggs and carrots and toasted sesame oil and of course the seaweed and sticky rice. It was not colorful….not authentic but it tasted great (my kids told me so ^^)
The second time I made it, it was a lot better….then third time,,,,then fourth. It was getting
better and better. I kinda “play” with the ingredients…I use a variety of ingredients each time. Tuna, Ham, even Luncheon Meat (SPAM)…I think as long as you have the seaweed, the sticky rice and toasted sesame oil, you can come up with a variety of kimbap “flavors”. These days, I am learning glass noodles wrapped in seaweed….egg roll….kimchi fried rice…
Anything korean is LOVE.

The recipe for kimbap (Korean seaweed and rice roll ) is here!

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  1. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    Thank you for sharing the photos! It’s late night here. I’m getting hungry when I see your gimbap photo! It looks so tasty!
    “I kinda “play” with the ingredients…I use a variety of ingredients each time.” Sooner or later you may become a queen of gimbap making! : ) The little girl must be your daughter, right? So cute!

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