Kimbap and Miyeokguk

gimbap (kimbap: 김밥)

I made some kimbap and miyeokguk, perfect combo, but it fills the stomach very fast! That’s why we had a lot of left overs… To eat the next day for lunch hehe. When it comes to Korean food, I have to cook it because my mom isn’t very interested in Korean food (she loves your bubbly personality in the cookvideo’s tho!). I want to make jajangmyeon next, but I can’t find the black bean paste and I’m sure that the Chinese black bean paste won’t have the same effect >_< Anyway, I love your recipes! :D

The recipe for gimbap (seaweed rice rolls: 김밥) is here!

Seaweed soup (miyeokguk:미역국)

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