Kimchi 2nd Go

My sister and I made a second go at making homemade kimchi!

In all fairness, we reference both Maangchi’s recipe and a recipe from the group Future Neighbor / Future Dish, just because it’s good to have a wide base of knowledge.

However, as this was our first time doing a larger batch, we worked primarily from Maangchi’s Tongbaechu Kimchi recipe. It turned our really well! We lowered the fish sauce as usual (we are still a little averse to the stuff!), but we still used around 1/3 cup. We also attempted the Baek Kimchi (white kimchi) and we added the extra onion/garlic/ginger puree (the part leftover after straining) from that recipe into this batch of kimchi, which added more volume to our paste. After a 2 days on the counter, and a week in the fridge this kimchi is fantastic! Nice and sour, good crunch, and nice heat and flavor!

First photo is after 2 days fermentation on the counter, first opened. Second photo is from the same time, but after we pressed down the kimchi to submerge it. Very saucy!!!

The recipe for Tongbaechu Kimchi (but chopped up, not whole leaves) is here!

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