Southern girl made Kimchi for 1st time!!

So I did it!!! I didn’t have the glutenous rice flour but had Japanese rice so I ground it to a fine powder and used it for my porridge and it worked perfectly! The other thing I didn’t have was the fermented shrimps so I used a couple of squeezes of good quality anchovy paste added to my fish sauce to boost the umami and I think it did quite well. The other change I made was voluntary, I used Korean whole chilis sliced open at the end and cucumbers as well as the napa cabbage.
I have to say this was an absolute pleasure to make, there were many times I second guessed myself because I didn’t know how the cabbage should be looking as it wilted but I accomplished it! Thank you sooooo much for all sharing with us.

The recipe for Traditional Korean Kimchi with cucumbers and Korean peppers is here!

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