My own personal Kimjang (Korean winter kimchi)!

This week end was dedicated to kimchi !
For a few weeks, I’m working on the renovation of my new appartment but I forgot paint, hammers and other electric drills for a while and now tongbaechu kimchi, donchimi and kkakdugi are waiting on the kitchen counter to start fermentation.
I’m glad to see the glass jars because they are for a friend (he tasted my homemade kimchi and asked me if I could give him some of this new batch… « of course my friend » !) and for a collegue who’s daughter is fond of Korean cuisine.
Kimchi is more and more famous in France !

The recipe for kimchi is here!


  1. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 578 comments

    Wow what a huge project! I can picture your hard work to make this kimchi! All these ingredients (the 3rd photo) look top notch! The kimchi must be so delicious. Sharing your precious kimchi with your friends is really cool and it’s also Korean culture. We always share winter kimchi with friends.

    Many of those who see your kimchi photo and read your story will be very impressed.
    Where do you put all these containers and earthenware jars? They should be refrigerated because the kimchi will be fermented soon. The kimchi will get sourer as time passed.

    • Nayko france joined 10/18 & has 34 comments

      Thank you Maangchi,
      I used to store my kimchi in my regular fridge but it now has become impossible, too much containers.
      In addition I also need a place for ingredients required for my chinese, vietnamese an thaï recipes…
      Anyway, you can see the solution in the picture : a little fridge dedicated to kimchi (s) and other stuff.
      It takes room in the kitchen but it has the advantage to keep alltogether the ingredients with a strong smell :)

      See full size image

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