First time Kimchi

Hi Photo of my attempt to make Maangchi’s traditional kimchi. Each container is 3 litre size. I bungled recipe by using too much salt but I rinsed extra times and added another grated carrot so I think it might be okay. Advice – Don’t have the Traditional kimchi recipe open at the same time as the Easy kimchi recipe :-)

Not sure why there is so much juice after 22 hours from making which is when I took the photo. Probably salt. Hope it tastes great!

Thanks Maangchi. You’re ACE!

The recipe for traditional kimchi is here!


  1. Leaf T Australia joined 11/17 & has 5 comments

    ….five years later….. :-) I need to make this again but never get round to it. The batch in these photos eventually became very delicious about 2-3 weeks after making it. As good as the local Australian made one even.

  2. Leaf T Australia joined 11/17 & has 5 comments

    Hi Lynn. Yeah the juice was a surprise but I suppose the cabbages were fresh. I rinsed the salt out 3-4 times but I guess it still keeps on extracting the moisture. I noticed yesterday after 10 days the lid was bulging a tiny bit so thanks for the tip about the lid. I posted in the comments of the recipe as I didn’t think this photo was approved. Patience is required with kimchi.

  3. Lynnjamin New York joined 11/14 & has 31 comments

    This looks so perfect! You should consider yourself lucky to have all that juice. It is what we all strive for. It could be that you bought nice, juicy vegetables, and now you will have lots of juice to make other dishes. I love sistema containers too. You can leave one hinge unsnapped to give the fermentation gas a way to escape.

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