My second cookbook is published

By Maangchi

My second cookbook is now available for sale. The first one was very popular, so I made another with all my recipes from the last year. You can download the .pdf e-book for free, or buy a full-color printed one on the Createspace website and on

I also made a book that contains books one and two in one volume. So if you want all my recipes so far, you don’t have to get 2 books, you can buy just one. You can download that e-book for free, too.

These books are made to be practical, with all of my recipes plus lots of color photos so you can bring the book with you to the grocery store and easily find the ingredients you need.

My next DVD is also coming soon, I will let you know when it’s done.

Here are some photos of my new book, I think they look great!

The recipes in the second book are:

And here’s some pictures of the volume that’s Books 1&2 together:



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