This weekend, my contribution to the family dinner was bulgogi ssam and kimchi bokkeumbap! I love making these two together like maangchi recomends…stir fry the kimchi bokkeumbap in the pan you make the bulgogi in! The bulgogi was gone before dinner was finished, but I have a little kimchi bokkeumbap left for my lunchbox!

The recipe for easy bulgogi is here!


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    Yes! Your recipes are soooooo delicious! Even finicky eaters in my family love bulgogi! Remember when I joined? I only cooked Korean food a few times? Now every weekend I cook one or more Korean dishes so I can have them for lunch! I even get my coworkers to try some! Haha! In this picture, you can’t see it, but I had a slice of gochu in there too! The raw garlic is great…it’s surprising how spicy it is!

    Thank you for always posting such awesome recipes!

    Cheers! ^^

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    It’s interesting to see you used my easy bulgogi recipe. : )
    The bulgogi wrap looks very yummy! A piece of bulgogi, green onion salad, carrot, ssamjang, and raw garlic! The raw garlic will make this wrap more special!
    The meal is finished with Kimchi fried rice. great idea!

    Easy bulgogi: https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/easy-bulgogi
    Kimchi stir-fried rice (kimchi bokkeumbap): https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/kimchi-bokkeumbap

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